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I checked the link quality and I can say it's top quality, all of the comments I came across are very targeted to the blog niche as well. Apart from the very offerable and high quality blog commenting service Joe offered, I'm also very impressed with Joe's Customer Support. I made a mistake with the keyword and he help me solved it within 4-6 hours. Strongly recommended for people who want link diversification. Note: My result for keyword "article writing" has jumped from position 4 to position 1 during my last check thanks to you. This keyword is a very competitive keyword were I have combined the use of Joe's services. Link diversify is the secret ingredient to position 1.
- Winson Yeung
Just received my report, random checked about 30 and found my link with an *intelligent comment* on all. Very pleased with Joe's work. This was just a "test" order of 250 links to see what kind of job he would do and now placing 3000 link order for other sites.
- Gary Fritts
I ordered 500 links from these guys and within days of receiving my completed report several links were showing up in Yahoo site explorer. Meaning they got indexed in just a few short days. It took a big longer than expected, however they completely made up for it by giving me extra links. Their customer service is awesome and I highly recommend them to anyone. I just ordered another 500 links for another site of mine. I will continue using them in the future. This is the first blog commenting service I've used that actually gets results in days, not months.   
- Mandy
I have been a customer, for a while. I also have a recurring posting it place. With a particular domain, I couldnt get it on the top 10, for a very key term (super competive in my market) I used one of Joes top packages (with PR page links) within 30 days, the site was in the top 10, which it has stayed for serveral months....... i use him as my "backup" plan for competive marketing for my clients....
- Paul
I am IMPRESSED!!!! I have just received over $670.00 worth of commissions this month from my website that was promoted by you last month. I am sure this was due to your SEO work because this site was sitting there for the last 2 years generating ZERO profits. I am glad that I decided to resurrect that website from the dead using your services.
Could not have made it without you. Thanks a bunch.
- Alejandro
 Wanted to shout out that UltraSEOSolutions is top notch! I ordered 100 links and got 150 just in case some of them dropped out. Its been about a week and several backlinks have already been indexed and verified. The service is also very fast. They even mailed me first just to make sure i received everything well. I recommend this to everyone. Very trustworthy and quality service!! Will be buying new links soon definately.
- David Bell 
 Well i have to say amazing service, this company just keeps on delivering order after order and does not stop to amaze, highly recommend this company for link building efforts. A thumbs up from me again.
- Sean Dyke 
I can see that lots of links got cached which is pretty awesome! Now I have climbed from Page 8 to the bottom of Page 1 for my medical website.. I can see that my earning have multiplied by 4 today which is pretty exciting as I guess this website will have so much potential once it gets updated with new products.- Bill Keegan 
 UltraSEOSolutions definitely know what they are doing here. I must say, I have tried lots of other providers that were actually reselling UltraSEOSolutions's services at double the price. I am glad I finally tracked you guys, you are a life saviour.My profits have multiplied since the first week I implemented your services to my websites. I have SEO crossed off my list and I feel right at home with the prompt services and friendly communication from Joe Fares.
- Mary K 
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Quality SEO Solutions

With over 15 billion online search queries every month with huge rival populations of large countries, the sky is the limit with the range of available opportunities for your online business. To take full advantage of these opportunities, it is  extremely vital to rank well on major search engines, to leverage PPC Advertising (Pay per Click) and to make sure your website turns your visitors into conversions. If you are not fully aware of the importance or applications of such strategies, your customers will turn to your competitors instead which will result in a major loss in your business opportunities.

Welcome to an online SEO and Marketing firm with all the requiried skills, tactics and skills that has proven to deliver outstanding results. Results that not only brings more traffic, but significantly increases your ROI (Return on investment)

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We are proud to announce our launching of 4 extremely powerful marketing and SEO solutions to promote your website:

1) Buy Facebook Likes Service

There is an ongoing and constant debate on whether to buy/sell Facebook Likes. While some people claim that it is unethical or a bogus way to gain exposure. Fan page owners that purchase Facebook Likes know the immense power of this secret marketing method and use it to its fullest extent. Social Media marketing is one of the cheapest advertising methods out there with a one-time price tag, unlike constant money hungry advertising methods such as PPC (Pay Per Click)

2) Online Reputation Management

Type your company's name into Google and all sorts of stuff shows up; some good, some bad and maybe some really bad. Such bad content or bad reviews will cost you tons of lost business as it virtually ruins your online prescense, thus, decreasing the exposure of your business. Stop loosing more business, get these negative posts REMOVED NOW to jumpstart your business at full potential and claim the 1,000's of dollars of lost business with our awesome SEO Solutions.



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1) Trust: We have worked with over 4,000 Clients and 430 Resellers worldwide and have successfully promoted and provided SEO Solutions to 15,350 domains online with complete satisfaction.

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3) Branding: If you are interested in Reselling our Link Building Services, we would be more than happy to brand your completion reports with your company's logo. All you have to do is resell our packages, keep the profits and leave the rest for us. Our Reseller Program is open to all our SEO Packages and SEO Solutions offered on our website.

4) Timing: We offer one of the best and fastest completion timeframes on the web.

5) Measurable Results: We believe in nothing but results!


Our Services are Panda Update Friendly!

So what really happens when Google decides to change or alter their Search Ranking Algorithms? This is often done when you start to realise that your website and your online business are now collateral damage under the sanitized term "metrics" and you will need quality SEO Solutions that is Panda Update Friendly.

This new algorithm update, according to Google, improves the overall search quality as it mainly targeted content farms along with spam and aggregator sites. If you have a scraped, low quality or low value website then you might be at risk of being hit with the Panda Hammer. Maybe it's not too late to start adding some fresh unique content to your home-page and choosing our SEO Solutions and SEO Packages to get you ranking #1.

All services we offer at UltraSEOSolutions are 100% Panda Update friendly and will continue to deliver the same excellent and outstanding results

Supercharged Ultra Forum Profile Links

We are proud to announce our newly launched Ultra Forum Profile Link Building Service. This service focuses on building DoFollow Profile Links on various unique Class-C IPs and supercharging each of these profiles with DoFollow Links delivered via Blog Commenting. This Supercharging method guarantees to significantly increase the normal Forum Profile cache rate from a measly 5-15% to an outstanding 60-80% cache rate which makes it one of our most powerful SEO Solutions.

We at UltraSEOSolutions strive to research the best, most affordable and efficient SEO Services and SEO Solutions on the web to guarantee you a successful and well-ranked online business with our various Link Building Services.

Feel free to check our new ULTRA FORUM PROFILE SERVICE anytime. 


Article Marketing Service Re-Launched

We have just relaunched our Article Marketing Service with canned SEO packages to fit every client's needs and budget.

Let's face it; not all authors are fantastic writers. Not all fantastic writers are aware of the appropriate SEO schemes and techniques required iin-context and not all fantastic writers will be able to deliver you the required SEO campaigns to get your content ranked high in major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc...

We at UltraSEOSolutions have hired the best authors (All native English speakers) to compose your content. Our team of professional submitters will submit your articles to high-authority Article Directories then we will proceed with the last phase wiere our team of link builders will perform all the required link building campaigns to get your articles to rank well in no time.

Not only will this service be a great means to get your Articles to rank well, thus, driving more targeted traffic to your websites. You willl also benefit from all the link juice that will funnel from these Article Directories/Web 2.0 Properties to your website which will also lead to your website receiving significant SERP boosts with our perfect SEO Solutions. 


UltraSEOSolutions Supports more Languages than Ever!

Due to the massively high demand of international businesses for internet marketing and website promotion in many countries, UltraSEOSolutions has broadened it’s SEO Solutions, SEO Packages and capabilities by providing its services to support even more languges, a new update that caters specifically to include and support:

UltraSEOSolutions, keeps in mind all these needs, and does detailed and thorough researches resulting in the best result-oriented procedures that would pave the way for every business to blossom and succeed on the web, with great search engine ranking. We are experts in the field of search engine optimization and search engine marketing, and we are proudly helping customers from all over the globe. The long list of successful SEO campaigns and the many satisfied clients worldwide are the evidence of our SEO expertise. 

2011 Coming to an End - Donations To Children in Need

It’s official, 2011 is quickly coming to a close. As of today, we have only 10 more days until we embark on a new decade. While I can’t wait until January and all the great services, upgrades and developing client relationships we have in store for the new year, we are perhaps even more pleased to be able to start the new year out by helping those that need a helping hand the most – disadvantaged children.   This year in celebration of the New Year and on behalf of resellers, partners and staff, UltraSEOSolutions is giving a significant donation of 10% of all orders to charities to help children celebrate a White Merry Christmas.   Shockingly with all the outward success here, one in ten children lives in poverty. These children are at risk for poor medical care, low school attendance, and many will drop out of high school. It seems only fitting that we share some our bounty with them. Every purchase you make with us will help enlighten a child in need as 10% of any order will be donated to children in-need. If you have any community in mind that would need such donations, please let us know via email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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