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I checked the link quality and I can say it's top quality, all of the comments I came across are very targeted to the blog niche as well. Apart from the very offerable and high quality blog commenting service Joe offered, I'm also very impressed with Joe's Customer Support. I made a mistake with the keyword and he help me solved it within 4-6 hours. Strongly recommended for people who want link diversification. Note: My result for keyword "article writing" has jumped from position 4 to position 1 during my last check thanks to you. This keyword is a very competitive keyword were I have combined the use of Joe's services. Link diversify is the secret ingredient to position 1.
- Winson Yeung
Just received my report, random checked about 30 and found my link with an *intelligent comment* on all. Very pleased with Joe's work. This was just a "test" order of 250 links to see what kind of job he would do and now placing 3000 link order for other sites.
- Gary Fritts
I ordered 500 links from these guys and within days of receiving my completed report several links were showing up in Yahoo site explorer. Meaning they got indexed in just a few short days. It took a big longer than expected, however they completely made up for it by giving me extra links. Their customer service is awesome and I highly recommend them to anyone. I just ordered another 500 links for another site of mine. I will continue using them in the future. This is the first blog commenting service I've used that actually gets results in days, not months.   
- Mandy
I have been a customer, for a while. I also have a recurring posting it place. With a particular domain, I couldnt get it on the top 10, for a very key term (super competive in my market) I used one of Joes top packages (with PR page links) within 30 days, the site was in the top 10, which it has stayed for serveral months....... i use him as my "backup" plan for competive marketing for my clients....
- Paul
I am IMPRESSED!!!! I have just received over $670.00 worth of commissions this month from my website that was promoted by you last month. I am sure this was due to your SEO work because this site was sitting there for the last 2 years generating ZERO profits. I am glad that I decided to resurrect that website from the dead using your services.
Could not have made it without you. Thanks a bunch.
- Alejandro
 Wanted to shout out that UltraSEOSolutions is top notch! I ordered 100 links and got 150 just in case some of them dropped out. Its been about a week and several backlinks have already been indexed and verified. The service is also very fast. They even mailed me first just to make sure i received everything well. I recommend this to everyone. Very trustworthy and quality service!! Will be buying new links soon definately.
- David Bell 
 Well i have to say amazing service, this company just keeps on delivering order after order and does not stop to amaze, highly recommend this company for link building efforts. A thumbs up from me again.
- Sean Dyke 
I can see that lots of links got cached which is pretty awesome! Now I have climbed from Page 8 to the bottom of Page 1 for my medical website.. I can see that my earning have multiplied by 4 today which is pretty exciting as I guess this website will have so much potential once it gets updated with new products.- Bill Keegan 
 UltraSEOSolutions definitely know what they are doing here. I must say, I have tried lots of other providers that were actually reselling UltraSEOSolutions's services at double the price. I am glad I finally tracked you guys, you are a life saviour.My profits have multiplied since the first week I implemented your services to my websites. I have SEO crossed off my list and I feel right at home with the prompt services and friendly communication from Joe Fares.
- Mary K 

Blog Commenting Service

What is a Blog Commenting Service?

Are you looking for the best and most powerful link building strategy for your website to achieve better rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc to get targeted quality traffic flowing to your website? Our Blog Commenting Service is definitely what you are looking for.

Blog Commenting has been proven to be the most effective and fastest link building strategy to get DoFollow links for instant ranking boosts, thus, more traffic which in return will lead to more sales and conversions.

What is Offered with our Blog Commenting Service?

Our Blog Commenting Service focuses on placing intelligent and well written comments on various blogs. Unlike other Blog Commenting Service providers, we will provide you with a report including ONLY succesful submissions with LIVE link placements and not submissions that are awaiting moderation.

You will not need to worry about waiting for moderators to approve your comment for your link to get active. Upon job completion, we will provide a detailed completion report showing ALL your link placements along with the URL and Keywords that has been promoted on each URL. Yes, that is how detailed your report will be.

Our team consists of experts in the field of Blog Commenting that have succesfully promoted 1,000's of websites with great results, we do not hire amateurs, only professionals in the field.

Not only that, we will ONLY post your links on DoFollow blogs to assure that your website will get link juice that will:

- Improve your rankings.
- Increase your websites Page Rank.

Key Features of our Blog Commenting Service:

- Extremely flexible Blog Commenting Packages starting from 100 Approved DoFollow Blog Comments and reaching up to 20,000 Approved DoFollow Blog Comments.
- All comments will include the Keyword you want to promote within an Anchor Text within the comment to promote the Keywords you desire.
- You will get PERMANENT link placements.
- Our team consists of 20+ professionals in the SEO and Blog Commenting Field.
- We accept promoting any type of websites (Except for Porn Websites or any website with explicit material)
- Our packages are customizable to promote any number of URLs or even Deeplinks (Internal Pages)
- Only DoFollow links will be delivered to guarantee you get the best results from each link placement.
- Comments are 2-6 liners. No short spammy comments will be used to guarantee the highest stick and success rate.
- We will only deliver reports with LIVE LINKs and we will ignore any links that are awaiting moderation. (This will guarantee you will even get more links as awaiting moderation links get approved by time)
- We offer the most affordable prices with highest quality in the SEO field.

Service Details:
- Comments are made to blogs that has PR0 to PR7
- Minimum 3 lines of comments
- High comments approval rate (90%+)
- A status report after job is done with exact URLs where your links have been placed.


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I ordered a 500 link package yesterday, and I already received a report containing 700(!!!) links. I checked some of the comments (with seoquake), and I'm just amazed, why nobody is doing commenting this way! The style of the comments are very coaxing for the author, so I'm sure they won't get deleted. The links were are dofollow, however I found some missing comments, which are awaiting moderation probably (as Joe describes: "I have added extra links to compensate for any links that are currently awaiting moderation or links that might get deleted within the next 30 days."), so overall, this is one of the best link building services you can find on the warrior forum!

wow, I received my report this morning, downloaded it, and spotchecked it (looked at about 25 percent of the pages). I can't believe it. I honestly thought it was too good to be true, but the links are there, and (this is the part I was sure wasn't going to be true, LOL) - the comments AREN'T crap! 

I was afraid it would be the kind of "nice job, webmaster! keep it up!" stuff I get on my blogs, but it wasn't like that at all. They were lengthy, nicely worded, and thought out.

EXCELLENT way to get do follow, anchor text backlinks.

I have some very happy offline clients with #1 rankings today thanks to the second order I placed. Thanks Joe!

Joe's service was great! Absolutely amazing service -- quick turnaround, and you delivered exactly what I needed. As a matter of fact, I have another order coming up for him. A very satisfied client here.

Wow! This was fast. I think it's the first time ever I've seen an outsourcing team work that fast. Excellent service. I tried 100 links just to test the water, and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. In fact, I got an extra bonust (thanks for that), and the report is exactly like I like them.

Here is my testimonial: I ordered the first package (100 blog comments for $10) in the morning, and I got the completion report by afternoon!!! That was an amazingly fast service. Plus, I received also 50 extra comment links in addition to my order. I have checked out many of those comments and they are all approved with my do-follow link.

Just like all the rave reviews, Joe overdelivered both in the speed of the link placement and the volume. Absolutely fantastic service, highly recommended - I will certainly be using again.

Joe more than delivered on his service. He is very customer focused and I will be a repeat customer.

I agree excellent service, great communications and more than delivered what was promised. 

Links were on quality sites, including some edu and majority seem to be sticking.
Report was delivered in a spreadsheet with locations of links. Have to wait for results but I'm sure they'll be good.

I'd definitely recommend this service and will be using again.

Just wanted to let you know this is a great service. I placed an order for 100 links and I am impressed. My website was just launched last week and it seems I'm getting a good jump in Google for some competitive keywords.
I will definitely be using this service for my offline clients. Will be placing another order very soon.

Awesome service, Joe is a gentleman and delivers completely on what he promises.

I've booked marked his page, I will DEFINITELY be using it as part of my overall SEO plan.

Look forward to working with you Joe!

I placed an package of 500 Approved comment Links with Joe and received the completed submission report within 3 days. Plus few hundreds of bonus links as well!

I checked the comment quality and I can say it's top quality, all of the comment I came across don't look like spam and it's very targeted to the blog niche as well. 

Apart from the very offerable and high quality blog commenting service Joe offered, I'm also very impressed with Joe Customer Support. I made a mistake with the keyword and he help me solved it within 4-6 hours.

Strongly recommended for people who want links diversification by getting blog commenting 

WInson Yeung
Happy to report ALL url's from previous orders earlier this year are currently 1st page on Google for keywords used. It took a bit of time for the more competitive keywords, however the less competitive ones made page one sooner and I'm happy to report they have stuck, after a little dancing. chaching!!

- Radron
Joe, I am IMPRESSED!!!!

I have just received over $670.00 worth of commissions this month from my website that was promoted by you last month.

I am sure this was due to your SEO work because this site was sitting there for the last 2 years generating ZERO profits. I am glad that I decided to resurrect that website from the dead using your services.

I have paid $150 last month and now I am well ranked for all keywords you targeted and it did PAY OFF with lots of profit on the first month already from the CPA company I am affiliating.

Will be working on 20 more websites promoting different products and will give your services another round for these domains.

Could not have made it without you, Joe. Thanks a bunch.

Joe, thanks for the latest 4 orders you completed. 

The regular blog comment 100-pack is good for getting web 2.0 properties indexed. Submitted 8 URLS that were previously not indexed and all were by completion of blog comments.

Will be back for more.

Thanks, Shane

- Upstate Cowboy
Since 2009 till today Joe has been a great blog commenting service and an important part of my backlink strategy.

I thing I like about this service is the comments are always professionally done. I never fail to randomly check them as I enjoy reading the comments and I always wonder how he does it!

I would just like to express thanks for the great service since provided. Joe always provides timely service and great communication.

- munstersg01
Thanks a lot for your service and bonus links!
Nice report and great blog comments. 

- MaestroQ
Thank you for this service really fast delivery, excellent quality of blog posts. Fantastic service will use again in the future.

- povchef
Joe, I really wanted to thank you for your great work. I have always been impressed by the quality and prompt service. Even though there have been slight delays in a couple of orders but I have nothing to complain about here as I have placed over 20 orders so far and I have always noticed significant boosts in my serps, conversions and traffic within only a couple of days.

I have worked with lots of seo providers and I am happy that Google got me somehow to this thread which got me to know you and your company.

Here are the results of my last project:

2nd April

Keyword 1 : Ranked 52nd
Keyword 2 : Ranked 63rd
Keyword 3 : Ranked 47th

Purchase made on 2nd april: 500 links

1st May

Keyword 1 : Ranked 23rd
Keyword 2 : Ranked 26th
Keyword 3 : Ranked 21st

Purchase made on 1st may: 1,000 link package

13rd of June

Keyword 1: Ranked 2nd
Keyword 2: Ranked 3rd
Keyword 3: Ranked 3rd

Now on your monthly plan to get these ranked #1 along with your high PR links offered on your website and I trust these will do the trick.

Joe, as promised, I left my feedback.

Thanks again for bringing my websites up back from the dead.

- daveriz
Hi Joe,

Just placed a second order for 250 BCs. The first smaller batch I bought in April generated hundreds of backlinks (all verified by Backlink Checker) and boosted by SERPS significantly. 

Moreover, I am impressed by the high link security you provide, with 98% of the blog comments made on my behalf remaining intact nearly one month later.

Having been duped and disappointed by the extravagant claims made by others offering similar
services has made me bitterly skeptical. My experience with your service, I must say, has cured me of that.

Thanks for your integrity.


- GardenStateNJGuy
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) I will be placing a repeat order. Will my links be placed on the same pages as my last order?
A) We take great caution to avoid double posting your link twice on any page to guarantee you get the best results out of every link on any repeat order or monthly subscription.

Q) I have a large list of people that might be interested in using your service. Can I monetize this?
A) Of course, we offer a RESELLER PROGRAM were you can resell our service at the prices you want. Lots of resellers are selling our services for 2x and even 4x the price and they have been making great profits. Not to mention that there are exclusive discounts available to our resellers depending on their Sales Volume.

Q) I am interested to join your Reseller Program. How do I proceed?
A) You will simply need to email us on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with an email subject "Reseller Program Signup". We will then immediately send you details regarding our Reseller Program with all the required information to get your Reseller Account started.

Q) I would like to place a custom order of xx,xxx links, however, I do not see that package on your available package list.
A) We would be more than happy to approve any custom order. Contact us with the required number of links you want to build and we will have a custom invoice prepared for your order.

Q) How long does it take for my monthly order to get completed?
A) Monthly campaigns are completed within a 20-28 day time-frame. If you would like your monthly campaigns to be treated as one-time campaigns (Faster Completions), you will need to contact us via email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with an email subject "Monthly Order 1234567 Fast Completion" replacing 1234567 with your order number.